Understand Non-Ticketed Audiences

If you're a non-ticketed organisation that needs the big picture on your audiences, we can design surveys, deliver staff training, and analyse the data to get you the information you need.

We've done large-scale collaborative projects for both the visual arts and heritage sectors here, and can work one-on-one with venues too.

Projects like these need only be repeated once every few years - but the benefits are invaluable. You'll uncover what it is people love about your venue, why they attend, what could get them coming back, and what audience demographics to target next. 

We can facilitate collaborative working - so you can benchmark your performance against your peers and learn from each other.

Cost is on a per-project basis. Drop Chris an email to find out more.

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Carnival Of Delights Emmett Moore

Case Study: Museum Visitor Profiling Project

In 2016, we worked with Northern Ireland Museums Council (NIMC) to conduct and analyse visitor surveys across six different museums: Carrickfergus Museum, Down County Museum, F.E Mc William Gallery & Studio, Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum, Newry & Mourne Museum, and Tower Museum.

The resulting report uncovered what the museum visitors are like, where they come from, how they find out about museums,what motivates them to come, and highlighted trends and crossover between the museums. In 2018, we partnered with NIMC again, along with Seedhead Arts, to design and deliver a series of late night museum events 'The Late Shift' to directly target the audiences that museums were missing.

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