BLOG 24th January 2020

Call out for Online Audiences Enthusiasts

What we’re looking for

Are you doing great on social media? Do people love your website? Or do you have a Youtube channel that you are updating regularly?

We’re looking for good local examples that we can celebrate and use for future case studies. If you’re doing it right, everyone should know about it!

What are online audiences?

When we talk about audiences, most organisations think of them as physical – the ones who come to your venue or attend your events. But your audiences are also found online.

They’re the people who:

  • follow – or only look at – your social media
  • are signed up to your newsletter
  • visit your website, whether directly or redirected from an external link
  • purchase tickets through your online ticketing platform

How to get in touch

If that sounds like you, drop an email to Maurane with the name of your organisation and a few sentences about what you do for your online audiences and why it works.

Maurane Ramon

Communications Executive

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