News 10th June 2021

Could it be you?

I’ve had a few interesting responses recently when I've asked people if they would be interested in applying for my old role at thrive. (Client Relationships Director – applications close on Monday 14th June. That gives you a weekend to fill in the application form.)

“I couldn’t talk to people about audience development” or “I don’t know anything about data” being the most frequently uttered. And it took me right back to when I moved into that role, back in 2017.

I had the notion that audience development was a bit like string theory – a theoretical framework that had to be intensively studied to be understood. That it somehow sits outside our everyday experience of working in cultural organisations or creating art. That there are “experts” who have unlocked the magical secrets to the audience development kingdom.

Let me reassure you – if you care about people, you understand audience development. My first job out of university was in retail, and I think my passion and genuine commitment to being people-focused comes from that. Audience development is about relationship building – about thinking about people’s needs and wants and shaping your creative response around that. It is about treating people with respect and trust, and most of all, about listening.

And that data is just part of that relationship building. It’s not about the numbers, but instead what the numbers unlock about people. If you can read a budget, and understand the story behind the figures, you are well versed in data analysis. The data is information about people. Nothing more or less.

What does a normal day look like? They are all different. You could be working with heritage organisations on clarifying their purpose, helping to craft an evaluation framework or talking about the interesting parts of a research report. There is a lot of talking and meeting people and thinking about how thrive can best support them improve their audience relationships.

So, why not go and have a look at the job description with fresh eyes. If you are passionate about working out what makes people tick, this might just be the job for you.

If you're interested in applying for the Client Relationships Director position, download the application form and please send it back completed to by 12pm on Monday 14th June.

Fiona Bell

Chief Executive

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