News 3rd May 2022

Job opportunity: Box Office Systems Specialist

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We are looking for our new BOSS, a.k.a. Box Office Systems Specialist.

This is a completely new role that we feel is needed within our team and to provide practical support to the arts and culture sector. Lots of information about audiences exist within ticketing systems, but organisations struggle to find the time to make the best use of the data. This role is about providing some additional resources to help organisations pull the information they most need about their audiences.

While this job sounds quite technical and specific, this is an entry-level position. You won’t require any previous knowledge in box office systems or research and we will provide adequate training. At thrive, there’s no such thing as starting a new role without getting the support you need!

This role is for you if:

  • You’re social and outgoing: you enjoy and feel comfortable meeting new people in new environments.
  • Your curiosity knows no bounds: you’re the type of person who will spend their time on Wikipedia or watching Youtube videos to learn about a topic or how to fix things.
  • You’re not scared of things you don’t know or haven’t done before. In fact, you’re a quick learner.
  • You can explain something complicated in a simple way without using jargon.
  • You find coding exciting, and you may even have some basic knowledge of HTML.
  • You are comfortable with numbers.
  • You would love a job where you’d be able to travel all across Northern Ireland.

The details

This position is full-time and it is a 3-year contract. We will be expecting you to work 35 hours per week.

The salary is £21,000 per annum.

Our current type of working is hybrid – members of our team spend some of their time working remotely and some in the office.

We particularly encourage applications from people who identify from ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQIA+, d/Deaf, disabled, neuro-diverse, have long-term health condition/s or are from a lower socio-economic background, as people from these groups are currently underrepresented in the cultural sector.

How to apply

Download the application form

Download the information pack

Please send back your completed application form to by 12pm on Monday 23rd May.

If you have any question about the position, feel free to reach out to our Client and Communications Manager, Maurane at

Maurane Ramon

Client and Communications Manager

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