At thrive we value ongoing professional and personal development. Our events programme has been designed to tackle those challenges which affect the cultural sector collectively. They also provide space to be inspired by new ideas or have those productive 'coffee break' conversations...

But sometimes it has to be more about you – help to solve your individual challenge. We know everyone’s problems are different, so your session will be designed around your context, people and budget. 

To discuss your training needs with a member of the team please contact us.

Here are some examples of sessions we’ve designed and run recently.


If you haven’t heard about it already, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, becomes law in May 2018. Thrive will be running free sessions as part of its ongoing programme but if you’d like a session just for you and your team then we can facilitate that over a couple of hours depending on the size and scale of your organisation.  We will try and de-mystify GDPR and tell you what you need to know about the data you have from your customers, visitors and participants and what you will need to think and do to make sure you are compliant by the 2018 deadline.

Sessions are £100 + VAT  

Contact us to find out more.

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Box Office Best Practice

At thrive, we appreciate just how important the box office team is both for venues and for customers.  Being in the front-line is not easy, but having a motivated and skilled team within the box office can make the difference between success and struggle. 

This training has been practically focussed to ensure your team get better data while still offering excellent customer service. This session allows time for discussion as well as offering some best practice to see how even small changes that help you to get better information easier and more efficiently.

Session £500 + VAT

Contact us to find out more.


To know something about your audience and not know where to start?  Our team can help you ask the right questions and then work out how to discover the answers.  From understanding the potential research can make to your bottom line or how to run a focus, we can offer training that will increase your knowledge and confidence in this business critical area.

Sessions begin at £100+VAT

Contact us to find out more.

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From Paper to Practice

This training is about working through a template plan in real time so at the end of the session you’ve pretty much got an achievable plan ready for action.

Usually we do this for people who want to have a realistic Audience Development plan but we can also support you with a Communications Plan including social media.

Sessions start at £250 + VAT

Contact us to find out more.

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