Culture Beyond Covid for visual arts spaces – Insights

Culture Beyond Covid is a free survey for organisations to use to get insight directly from their audiences and see what the bigger trends are across NI. It is almost impossible to plan for the next few months, but having some concrete information from your audiences is the best place to start.

Culture Beyond Covid aims to do three things to support the NI arts, culture and heritage sectors:

  • Keep a dialogue going with audiences and visitors as COVID and its implications on people’s lives and cultural behaviours continues to change;
  • Offer free surveys to all cultural organisations including those in the arts and heritage sectors;
  • Create shared insight from the survey responses to support individual organisations, collaborative approaches and inform stakeholders.

The first instalment of Culture Beyond Covid took place between 4th and 28th September. It was aimed to help NI visual arts galleries learn about their own audiences’ views about coming back, what they’ve been doing over lockdown and what they’ll feel comfortable doing in the future.

We've put together all our findings from this first part of the survey into 2 documents that you can download below:

Download ‘At A Glance’ report

Download full report for Culture Beyond Covid for visual arts spaces

Culture Beyond Covid is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Organisations Emergency Fund. If you’d like to take part to find out insights from your own audiences, please get in touch with Sarah at For more details about Culture Beyond Covid, read our blog.


Find out what NI visual arts audiences think about coming back, what they've been doing over lockdown and what they'll feel comfortable doing in the future.

Cbc Visual Arts Report Full

Download report
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