Heritage Panel: Fourth survey insights

In the latest half of 2020, we created and conducted the Culture Beyond Covid audience research in the shape of a free survey for organisations to get insight directly from their audiences and see what the bigger trends are across NI.

We have evolved this research into a second phase - our Culture Beyond Covid: Heritage Panel. The heritage panel will track audience’s views on returning to heritage as we continue to navigate through the pandemic this coming year. We’re out to find out what has changed for these audiences, what has stayed the same and what their attitudes are after the pandemic, right from the horse's mouth!

The fourth and final survey of the Heritage Panel ran from 27th April to 11th May 2022. You can download our report for a full overview of the results of the third survey. Scroll down for a short summary of the most interesting findings:

  • People are increasingly returning to indoor heritage sites, with the same or higher frequency as before Covid from 40% in our November 2021 report to 57%.
  • There has been a reduction in people feeling completely safe visiting indoor heritage as legally enforceable restrictions are removed, from 58% in Panel 1 to 29%.
  • 84% of people are visiting natural heritage with the same or higher frequency as before Covid (with 30% attending more often).
  • There has been an increased awareness of the heritage offer in NI with 65% looking to spend time in NI and 77% looking to find new places to visit in their local area.
  • This summer, 80% plan to have local days out close to home.

The Heritage Panel is made of 146 heritage attenders in Northern Ireland who will be surveyed every two months until May 2022. Culture Beyond Covid for Heritage is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Find out the results from our fourth and final survey for Culture Beyond Covid for Heritage: the Heritage Panel

CBC Heritage Panel May 2022

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