UK Theatre Sales Trends 2013 - 16

This report from UK Theatre analyses data from over 90 of their member organisations across the UK (including Northern Ireland) between 2013 and 2016. It covers opera, comedy, dance, family theatre, concerts, pantomime, and plays, and the figures are also broken down across different venue types and sizes. 

You can use the data to figure out if you are under or over-performing in comparison to equivalent organisations. The report also lists average yield by genre, a helpful way to check that you are not underselling yourself.

Overall, it paints a picture of a resilient and growing sector. Here are some of the most interesting insights:

  • Revenue for concerts increased 47% in 2016 - overtaking pantomime as the highest performing genre.
  • Box office income for family theatre also increased significantly. Income went up by 42%.
  • In 2016, 39p in every £1 taken at the box office was for a musical.
  • While tours accounted for only 10% of recorded productions in 2016, they generated 60% of overall box office income.
  • The growth in average price paid ranged from 5% to £32.54 for musicals, 9% to £20.94 for plays and 15% to £20.77 for pantomime.

If you'd like to see more in-depth reports specific to your genre or venue-type, you can visit the UK Theatre website.

This comprehensive report from UK Theatre analyses sales data across a wide range of genres and venue types.

Uk Theatre Sales Data Report

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