Foundations is our collaborative bench-marking report for Northern Ireland. If you're a venue or festival with a box office system, taking part gives you the chance to compare yourself against others and swap ideas.

Your report will give you invaluable information on your customer behavior. How often are people coming, do they tend to book more than once, are they booking online, and how far in advance do they book? You'll also get information on your marketing database - are you collecting as many emails as your peers when people buy tickets? You'll get a collective report too, along with your individual results and recommended audience development actions.

Price for Venues: £400 + VAT 

Price for Festivals: £250 + VAT

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Know Your Audience

It’s easier and cheaper to get an existing customer to come more often, than to get a brand new audience member on board. Plus, the more often someone comes, the more likely they are to keep coming back over the years. So, this report will help you make the most of what you’ve got, and create a loyal audience that re-attends.

Through our Vital Statistics software we are able to analyse booking information and produce a report on where your audiences are coming from, and their demographic profiles. We'll also put this into context within the bigger picture of audiences for the arts. If you're a touring company, we have great relationships with many NI venues, and can collect data from them for your tour dates.

Price: £1000 + VAT

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