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We have unique access to ticketing data in Northern Ireland, along with specialist Vital Statistics software and years of expertise to help analyse it.

We can analyse data from most ticketing systems, including Spektrix, Ticketsolve, Eventbrite, ENTA, Ticketsource, Vivaticket, and others.

We've created audience and sales reports for festivals, arts centres, and theatres across Northern Ireland and are fully GDPR-compliant.

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Loyalty and Growth

It costs up to 25 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. Having a solid loyalty strategy is a must for any cultural organisation. This report will help you to discover exactly who your most valuable customers are - and how you can increase your customer loyalty. We'll illustrate your mix of new and returning customers, and we'll advice on how you can get the balance right and segment meaningfully for future audience growth.

Price: From £650+VAT

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Understand Your Audiences

This report will give you an in-depth picture of your current and potential audiences around your venue. For your current local audiences you'll get demographics information on who they are and where they come from - including their likely age, income, ethnicity, lifestyle, and family-status. We'll also show you who else you could be attracting in your catchment are, and suggest specific target audiences, marketing, and audience development actions to focus on.

Who we've worked with: Councils and major festivals

Price: £1000 + VAT

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Optimise Your Programming

Identify who events and product types are bringing you the best return. Using Indigo's total audience model we'll analyse your ticketing data giving you a detailed breakdown of revenue per product strand. You'll understand which product styles are bringing in the most income, how you can use your spare events capacity, and what products your audiences value the most. Get clear strategies to match programming to your audience targets.

Who we've worked with: The Crescent and ISLAND Arts Centre

Price: from £650 + VAT

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Foundations is your annual check-in with your box office data, helping you understand what’s changed at your venue over the last 12 months, and how that’s impacting on your sales and customer relationships. It's a collaborative report, so you'll get to compare yourself against others in the sector. Foundations will give the information you need to improve you data quality, customer retention, and online sales. You'll get a collective report, along with your individual results, and recommended audience development actions.

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