News 4th April 2022

Let's go on an Art-venture with iBeholder!

This Spring, Let’s go on an Art-venture and get back to our city centres! We’re launching the iBeholder Project on the 11th April, which will run until the 13th June. We’ve partnered with The Audience Agency to deliver the iBeholder project in Northern Ireland to help the visual arts sector use data to drive innovation and resilience in the context of the impact of COVID-19.

The original iBeholder project was developed in partnership with G39 and other visual organisations in Wales with Digital Innovation for the Arts in Wales funding. Thanks to funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Creative Industries Seed Fund and Future Screens NI, we are now bringing an iBeholder pilot to our shores to help us discover new ways to gather audience data for non-ticketed visual arts organisations and boost the audience experience.

Four galleries throughout Belfast and Derry-Londonderry will be taking part in the project including The Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast Exposed, The Naughton Gallery and CCA. The iBeholder project showcases our local visual arts through interactive, digital content, showing audiences a new side of the visual art spaces, which light up our cities and towns. The iBeholder project will allow the public to explore these venues in a new way, allowing people to learn more about each participating gallery while sharing their thoughts and demographic data through the platform.

Non-ticketed venues are at the sharp end of data gathering in comparison to venues that can collect this info when ticket purchases are made. This lack of data for the visual arts is sector-wide and prevents galleries from utilising the power of data to make solid, informed decisions about their audiences. The iBeholder pilot will attempt to bridge that gap for visual arts venues in Northern Ireland while adding a dash of magic to the gallery experience for visitors. It’s a win-win situation for venues and visitors!

Scan the QR code on one of our posters dotted throughout Belfast or visit the gallery in person from the 11th April and the 13th June and further explore what they have to offer through the iBeholder platform. You can access each gallery's platform through your phone - it’s that simple! Audiences can then sign up for each gallery’s mailing list and stay in touch after the project, building new interest in the venue and creating new relationships.

Visit each iBeholder platform here:

Naughton Gallery:
Belfast Exposed:
Golden Thread Gallery:

We’ll be sharing content from each gallery and keeping you up to date with how the project is progressing - watch this space!

Sarah Blake Knox

Client Programme Coordinator

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