News 17th January 2022

Share your vision of a changed future

We hope to bring some inspiration to your newsfeed with some extra special blogs this year! We invite movers and shakers of the arts, culture and heritage sector - artists, performers, arts administrators or marketer alike - to envisage what change they wish to see developing in their sector due to the pandemic. After two years and counting of momentous, often world-shattering upheaval, we want to hear what you want to see happen, and how it could happen.

We exist in a sector bursting at the seams with creativity, which is not just made by those who inhabit the stages or gallery walls of the cultural venues dotted through NI. We hope to see some of this creativity spring forth for this blog series - maybe you’re just the person to help us! Share with us your hopes for the future and your concerns, bring your big ideas to the page.

What do we want?

  • A blog written by someone working in the arts, culture or heritage in NI.
  • Your blog should not be longer than 3 pages (approximately 1,300 words).
  • There is no specific structure requirement – you’re free to lay down your thoughts as you’d like.

Some examples to focus around our topic

Here are some examples from our previous blog series:

Some ideas to start you off:

  • What change do you want to see in the sector?
  • What do you think has changed that is positive and sustainable due to the pandemic?
  • How can art, culture and heritage provide lasting change to the societies it is embedded in?
  • How can working with audiences become the focal point for change within an organisation?

When is it for?

There is no deadline. We are looking for thought-provoking blogs that we’ll be publishing over the next 4 months.

Is it paid?

Of course! Once your idea is approved and your blog is ready to go, we’ll send a fee of £200 to you for your time and effort.

Feeling inspired? Here’s how to submit your idea:

Please send your topic to Sarah at

Sarah Blake Knox

Client Programme Coordinator

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