Audience Persona Template

Creating audience personas is key to putting your target audience at the core of your programming, customer experience, and marketing. They help you to put yourself in your target audience's shoes and tailor your offer to their interests. This guide and template will show you how to translate your own audience research into a life-like audience persona.

Personas are useful for any organisation - whether you've target audiences already identified and box-office data galore, or you simply want to get started with being more audience-focused.

This template will  take you through what information to gather and where to find it. Then we'll go over some ways to supplement your own audience profiles with more general insights about the wants and needs of  arts audiences and different demographic profiles. Then the fun bit - putting your research and insights into a one-page visual persona that your whole team can use. Finally, we'll share some ways that you can use your shiny new persona to develop your audiences.

Use this template to create a powerful one-page persona that helps you focus on your target audiences.

Thrive Persona Template

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