GDPR Audit Template

GDPR (General DATA Protection Regulation) comes into force on 25th May 2018.

If your organisation collects or stores any type of personal data from people in the EU – you will need to comply with GDPR. This could include email addresses, names, contact details, addresses etc.

(If you haven't already - check out our GDPR overview)

Where do I start?

Use this free GDPR audit template to identify what information you have, where it is stored, and what processes you have for data protection already. 

Need more help?

If you're an arts, culture, or heritage organisation based in Northern Ireland we can provide a bespoke GDPR workshop to get you and your team ready for the May 25th deadline. It costs just £100+VAT so drop Claire Rose an email if you'd like our support.

Note: This is intended to provide an overview of GDPR and is not a definitive statement of the law.

For a definitive guide, check out the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Want to get started on your GDPR journey? Use this template to complete a data and confidentiality audit for your organisation.

Thrive Gdpr Audit Template

Download Template

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