Hitting the Nail on the Head: designing research with better objectives

“We need some research – can you sort that?”

Often that’s the question that a marketing person can be faced with. 

From a small production company wanting to know how to attract more schools to their shows to a large venue developing its programme for 16-19 year olds.

But where do you start? Writing a brief is often the best way to bring together all the elements of any project and research is no different. It’s a good idea to write a brief (even if you’re planning on doing all the research yourself), as it helps keep you on track. If you want/need external help, it’s an essential document to put together. So we could just give you a template for a research brief and off you go.

But sometimes you need to do a bit of thinking and investigating before you can write a good brief so this document gives you a framework to guide you through your thinking and involve others in your organisation to do the same.  It’s not rocket science – it never is – but it might just help you get to a better brief and ensure your research really gets the answers you need.

We can facilitate this session for you at a cost of £50 + VAT as sometimes it helps to have an external view but if all you want is some guidance to DIY then download our free research brief toolkit!

Make sure your research delivers the results you want. This toolkit will help you design a research brief to do just that.

Thrive Creating A Research Brief Toolkit

Download Toolkit
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