Producer to Venue: theatre marketing toolkit

Are you a theatre producer supplying work to a venue? This pack will guide you through creating the information the venue needs to get people through the doors of your show.

Venues have several shows to market at one time. Providing them with easy-to-use information makes it much more likely that they will market your show effectively.

You know your product better than anyone. The venue can use this to tell their audience about your show.

This pack is aimed at three different people at the venue:

Section 1: Venue marketing staff

Give marketing staff the copy and images they need for telling potential audience members about your show via print, web, and social media.

Section 2: Venue box office staff

Create a short and sweet information sheet enables box office staff to sell your show in person to the public, and answer questions they may have.

Section 3: Venue Front of House and Technical Staff

Practical ‘need-to-know’ information about timings and content of the show.

Are you a theatre company or producer showing your work in a receiving venue? The toolkit will help you prep all the info you and your venue need to market your show effectively.

Thrive Producer To Venue Theatre Marketing Toolkit

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