Road map to being people-focused

This summer, we worked with Belfast City Council by offering one-to-one sessions with arts and culture organisations to discuss how they could engage in more people-led thinking. In our conversations, we’ve heard organisations saying that they want to be more people-focused, but have some valid concerns. Some were worried about how big a change it would be from their current processes, and had fears that they couldn’t roll it out properly. Others had concerns that it didn’t lend itself well to funding applications – funders often want to see predetermined, tangible outputs listed on applications, while people-led thinking lends itself more to outputs that are determined by the parties involved during the process.

In response, we’ve developed two resources to help the arts and culture sector be more people-focused:

· A quick 6-question quiz you can take here to see if you’re more people-led or product-led

· A downloadable resource with information on what people-led thinking is, along with practical advice on how to work it into current processes

If you have any questions on people-led thinking, or want us to work with you to incorporate more people-led thinking into your everyday work, email Sarah to sign up for a free one-hour Audience Appointment.

When it comes to engagement, do you see yourself as more product-led or people-led? Our Head of Sector Development Laura has gathered together some excellent resources together that can help you find the answer!

Thrive resource on people led thinking

Download Resource
(PDF 228KB)

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