Family Audiences Snapshot

One of the most common requests we get at thrive is 'how can we attract more families?'. This two page snapshot gives you the stats on families in NI, along with strategies for growing your family audiences.

The makeup of an 'average family' has also substantially changed over the past few years, so we provide information on what a 'family' really looks like. It also includes information on birth rates for different council areas, so you can start to make sense of the potential audience in your own location. It also highlights some of the barriers families face in engaging with culture - and some practical strategies you can use to overcome these.

Families are often actively looking for things to do as a group - but they have to know that your offer will meet there needs and provide good value. Whats more, by attracting younger family members you could be creating an audience member for life. Families can play a central role in ensuring your future audience sustainability.

How to engage with family audiences - from your programming, to customer experience and marketing.

Thrive Families Snapshot

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