After the Interval - Act 1 Insights

At the end of April 2020, we launched Act 1 of the Covid-19 'After the Interval' audience survey in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, in partnership with Katy Raines at Indigo Ltd. With this survey, we wanted to find out how audiences felt about coming back to live arts events, booking tickets now and in the future and missing out on live events during lockdown.

The survey ran between 4th May until 14th June and collected over 8,300 responses. The data covers 28 cultural organisations, including 24 from Northern Ireland and 4 from the Republic of Ireland.

We've put together all our findings in 2 documents that you can download below:

Download 'At A Glance' report

Download full report for Act 1

We launched Act 2 on 15th June and it includes many of the same questions as the Act 1, with some slightly refined, and new sections on the impact of social distancing measures, engaging with (and paying for) culture digitally and attending outdoor events.

If you'd like your organisation to take part, get in touch with Claire Rose Canavan.

To find out more, visit our After the Interval page.

Report of findings from Act 1 of the 'After the Interval' survey in NI and ROI

Thrive After The Interval Act 1 Insights

Download Act 1 Insights
(PDF 1,501KB)

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