BLOG 29th April 2020

Covid-19 'After the Interval' National Audience Survey

Thrive is partnering with our Associate Katy Raines at Indigo-Ltd to create a FREE national online survey designed to capture audience views on returning to arts events, booking tickets now and in future, and missing out on live events during lockdown.

After the Interval - Act 2: Get involved

The new survey opens on Monday 15th June and includes many of the same questions as the original survey, with some slightly refined, and new sections on the impact of social distancing measures, engaging with (and paying for) culture digitally and attending outdoor events.

Your organisation does not need to have sent the original After the Interval survey to be involved in Act 2.

To take part in Act 2, get in touch with our client programme coordinator Sarah.

After the Interval - Act 1

You can download insights from Act 1 from our Report page.

For charitable organisations there are also questions on the types of fundraising audiences think are appropriate for them to be considering.

The results captured will be available to individual organisations for their own analysis, but also aggregated into a national pool and published online for the benefit of the sector.

The available survey options are:

Charitable Organisations

Non-Charitable Organisations


How are survey responses captured?

  • An online link will be provided, which the organisation should send out in an email to regular attenders
  • We have provided an example email for this purpose – but the organisation can tailor this to suit their own audiences)
  • Responses flow automatically into our survey software

How should we select the audiences to send the survey to and how many do we need to send?

It’s up to each organisation how they select the bookers, but we want to gather a picture of committed recent event-goers, so our advice would be:

  • If possible, avoid sending it to people who have only been once, or who haven’t been for over 2 years, so that we are gathering a picture of committed recent event-goers.
  • We recommend sending the email to between 2000 and 5000 ‘typical’ bookers in order to get a good sample size per organisation

Can I brand the survey?

  • Although we can't add your logo to the survey, we can re-direct respondents to a landing page of your choosing on your website once they have completed the survey
  • We suggest that your covering email makes it clear that thrive and Indigo are conducting the survey on your behalf

How will I view my results?

We will provide two links which you can use to view results in real time:

  • One link will show ONLY the results from your own organisation’s responses
  • The other link will show the national picture, containing all responses from participating organisations across the country

This helps you to see what the overall picture is, but also where your audiences may have particular sensitivities or differences

What support will I get?

Katy Raines at Indigo-Ltd has designed the survey with input from thrive. We will (free of charge):

  • manage the set-up of individual organisations
  • provide reporting back to organisations
  • aggregate results into a national pool
  • publish results and meaningful insights on the national data set (no individual organisations’ results or responses will be identifiable from this analysis)

Are there any GDPR implications?

  • You should only send the survey email to bookers for whom you have permission to send marketing emails (however that is defined in your organisation’s privacy policy)
  • No personal data is passed to Indigo or thrive, nor collected by Indigo or thrive at any point in the process, as the responses are completely anonymous, and therefore no data is being shared with a ‘third party’.
  • The responses are stored and managed in Survey Monkey, but as no personal data is being stored, this is not an issue for GDPR

How does an organisation take part?

  • An organisation wishing to use the survey needs to register their interest, by providing to Sarah at
    • organisation name, type and location
    • charitable status / non-charity
    • an email contact to liaise with and send results to
    • URL for the webpage you would like respondents directed to when they finish the survey

Maurane Ramon

Head of Client Development

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