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Culture Beyond Covid is a free survey for organisations to use to get insight directly from their audiences and see what the bigger trends are across NI. It is almost impossible to plan for the next few months, but having some concrete information from your audiences is the best place to start.

The second instalment of Culture Beyond Covid was for ticketed and non-ticketed organisations. 26 festivals, production companies and venues took part between 14th October and 11th November 2020. Some of the questions in the survey included:

  • Why and how audiences engage with culture,
  • What they’ve been up to since March,
  • How their cultural engagement has changed since COVID,
  • How they felt about digital and paying for online content.

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Culture Beyond Covid is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Organisations Emergency Fund. For more details about Culture Beyond Covid, read our blog.


Discover the insights from our Culture Beyond Covid audience research for ticketed and non-ticketed organisations.

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