Performing Arts Ticket Buyers: Media Usage Study

This US study by Capacity Interactive looks at performing arts audiences and their media usage. Do theatre, music, and dance ticket-buyers prefer direct mail, email, or social media for our marketing messages? And how likely are they to book tickets via smartphone?

Although it only covers the US and Canada, the research was created from almost 27,000 survey responses from customers of 58 different performing arts organisations, so it's definitely an interesting source for us here in Northern Ireland.

Overall, the message is that while traditional media is still important for some audience segments, digital is now a really important access point for information and purchases across all age groups:

  • 80% of all under 35 year olds and 54% of those aged 65+ use Facebook weekly or more.
  • 89% of respondents over 65 who read print newspaper also read news online.
  • 50% of respondents under 34 never read print media.
  • 40% of all respondents who accessed the Study Partner’s website in the past 12 months used a smartphone to do so at least once.
  • 79% said they prefer to buy tickets online, rather than via phone, in person, or by post.
  • 95% of respondents purchased tickets online in the past 12 months and 37% of those purchased on a smartphone.

Research into the media preferences and habits of over 25,000 US performing arts customers.

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