The North West Project Resources

What is it?

The North West Audience Survey is now in its second year. Since its launch, we’ve learned a lot about audiences in Derry and Donegal.

Who's taking part?

Arts and heritage organisations of all backgrounds from Derry and

Donegal, from theatre and dance to museums and national parks.

We’ve already received over 4,000 responses across 40 organisations.

What's special about this survey?

It’s one of the few cross-border arts and heritage surveys running and has the added value of taking place over several years, which gives us insight into how the arts and heritage audiences of Derry and Donegal are changing.

This helps organisations understand how their audiences are developing – and plan for what’s coming next.

What did we find so far?

Did you know that those aged 75+ are more likely to attend participatory events than other age groups?

Download our Audience Snapshot on the Impact of Age on audiences in the North West

Were you aware that 58% of disabled respondents hailed from urban areas, indicating an 8% higher likelihood for disabled audiences coming from these areas?

Download our Audience Snapshot on Audiences with Disabilities in the North West

Are you surprised to learn that 14% attended alone?

Download our Audience Snapshot on Impact of Who Audiences Attend With in the North West

Over the past couple of years, we have been working on an exciting venture known as the North West project. This initiative revolves around the collection of data concerning arts, culture, and heritage audiences in Derry and Donegal. Now, we've decided to put together all the stuff we've learned from it in one place.

North West Audience Snapshot Impact of Age

Download snapshot
(PDF 157KB)

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