Postcode Mapping

Have a list of postcodes? Our software can convert these into valuable audience data. You'll get clear breakdowns of where your audiences come from - ideal for reporting to funders and targeting your programming.

We can use your postcodes to give you the following:

  • visitors by council ward (a regular in funding reports)
  • visitors by postal sector.
  • your visitors from deprived areas.
  • a visual map of where your visitors come from.
  • visitor drive-times from your venue.

Price: £75+VAT for each piece of info.

Multi-buy Deal: Get all five pieces of info for £275+VAT (a saving of £100)

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Surveys - Design, Delivery, and Reporting.

A well-designed survey can give you invaluable insight into your audience demographics, their visitor experience, and the impact you're making. We can design your survey, help get it out there, and then analyse the responses. We've run surveys for Earagail Arts festival, the John Hewitt Society, and C.S.Lewis Festival.

We can design your survey to collect funder information too - including Arts Council NI, Belfast City Council, National Lottery Heritage Fund, and Communities Festival Fund.

Day rate: £170+VAT (if you need us to input paper surveys, there is an additional cost)

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Optimise Your Existing Survey

If you haven't changed your survey in five years... chances are it's not delivering what you really need. But ask the right questions, and you'll get the right answers back.

Our research experts can analyse your survey and make practical changes to make sure you're getting good responses, the right data, and accurate results. (Needless to say, we'll make sure it's all GDPR compliant too!)

We can tweak your survey to collect specific funder information: including Arts Council NI, Belfast City Council, National Lottery Heritage Fund, and Communities Festival Fund.

We recently worked with EastSide Arts to increase their survey response rates - from around 50 responses per year, to around 300.

Day rate: £170+VAT

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Focus Groups

Focus groups can get to the nuanced and surprising information you won't get from surveys or ticket data. You can get insight into what your loyal customers love about your events or venue, or see what would entice a new demographic or group into your event or venue.

On the surface, a focus group might appear like an informal chat, but we know the science behind designing them to find out what you need to know.

We recently ran focus groups for The Crescent to help shape their new website and brand.

Day rate: £170+VAT

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Observational Research

Understand how your audiences behave in your space.

Do people walk in, feel intimidated, and walk out? What catches their eye, and what displays aren't noticed?

Observational research can help you to design a better visitor experience and make sure your space is sending out the welcome you want it to.

We can carry out this research and analyse it ourselves, or we can work with your staffing rota to train up your staff on how to gather and interpret this invaluable customer data.

Day rate: £170+VAT

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Visitor Profiling

Build a picture of visitors to non-ticketed galleries, attractions, or museums. We can design surveys, deliver staff training, and analyse the data to get you the information you need.

Projects like these need only be repeated once every few years - but the benefits are invaluable. You'll uncover what it is people love about your venue, why they attend, what could get them coming back, and what audience demographics to target next.

We can facilitate collaborative working too - so you can benchmark your performance and learn from your peers. We've delivered large-scale collaborative projects for both the Visual Artists Ireland and Northern Ireland Museums Council.

Cost is on a per-project basis. Contact Sarah to find out more.

Potential Audiences

Don't have a box office system and don't know where to start finding out about your audiences? Or do you want to learn more about potential audiences before launching a new venue or product? This report will map your potential catchment areas and identify where your potential audiences are.

Who we've worked with: Riddel's Warehouse

Day rate: £170+VAT

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