Market research, data, intelligence, insight, customer research, who, what, when, where – if this all sounds like blah, blah, blah to you but you know you should really listen then read on... Thrive wants to help you easily and effectively  find out what you need to know and how you can use it.

Market research gives you the confidence to know you are making decisions based on evidence rather than your gut feelings. It’s also a great thing to have up your sleeve when funders or stakeholders come asking for the rationale behind your decision-making.  

If you want to know more about your current and potential audiences, but have no data to start with, our market research packages are for you. Check out our packages below that can give you and your organisation the confidence to make data driven decisions and deliver real impact.

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Secondary Desk Research

We do the leg work to see what is already out there that could answer your needs and generate a report highlighting what’s available from credible sources and where the gaps exist. 

As little as £100 could get you what you needed if it’s not already available on our site.

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Measure: Quantitative Primary Research

This is research you need to do because there’s no other way to find this stuff out. It’s usually about counting things – attendances, attitudes towards your content, or spend on tickets.

We can help with generating, running and analysing a questionnaire. We already do this for a range of organisations big and small.  We worked with EastSide Arts to improve their survey response rates - from around 50 responses per year, to around 300.  In some cases we advise on an existing survey and how to make it better – that’s usually free. 

We can design your survey, advise on how many people you need to get (it’s all to do with sampling), and the best ways to get a decent response rate. We'll help get it out there and then  analyse responses to create  a lovely report all ready at the end.

Our support can cost as little as £100 to as much as £700 + VAT.

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Questions Answers
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Explore: Qualitative Primary Research

This is carrying out research that's all about the 'why'. There are loads of ways to do this - from research projects to focus groups or in-depth interviews.

You might want to talk to school teachers about how you can make your next show more suitable for  kids. We can help identify the killer questions to ask those teachers and carry out the interviews on a one-to-one basis via the phone or in a group.

Maybe you want to see how your venue's new food offer is going down? A relaxed focus group could give you some real insight. We recently ran focus groups for The Crescent to help shape their new website and brand.

Costs for this type of work depend on what you need to know and from whom. But it doesn’t have to be vastly expensive if there is a small group of people and a focused topic.

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You Have the Data - but not sure how to use it?

Do you already have some information, but you're not sure how it can deliver your research needs?

Check out the reports we can offer you right now using the data you’ve already gathered. And they are not just for those with a box office system. 

If you want to carry out your own surveys or focus groups, we can provide tailored training packages to up-skill yourself or your team.

Or, if we've inspired you to start designing your own research project - download our free research brief writing toolkit.

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