BLOG 9th October 2019

Call Out for Audience Delight Award Nominees

We’re looking for the best examples of visitor experience for our inaugural ‘Audience Delight Awards’. These are the things (big and small) that make a visitor’s trip to a show, gallery, exhibition, or festival that little bit more special. We’re talking:

  • The comfiest museum seat
  • The fanciest toilets
  • A newsletter that’s more amusing than it really needs to be
  • An instagram-worthy photo op
  • The most inventive map or guide
  • The coolest merch
  • The most beautiful or unusual welcome desk
  • The greatest traybake ever to grace a cultural café
  • The best artwork label copy
  • Great games for kids (or grown-ups)
  • Themed menus
  • The fastest wifi
  • Inventive ways to deal with the rain
  • Best ‘extra mile’ for a visitor

Winners of the Audience Delight Awards will not receive any cash prize, but instead a feeling of pride that no money can buy (in our opinion anyway!). We want to showcase the inventive ways that the Northern Irish cultural and heritage sectors have been going the extra mile for their visitors.

So please, send in your nominations (for your own organisation or another you’ve visited), and feel free to suggest some new categories too.

How to Apply

Drop Colette an email with your category, and a few sentences on why it delights your audiences. Closing date for entries is Friday 8th of November.

Maurane Ramon

Head of Client Development

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