37 Things Visitors and Ticket Buyers Want to Know

Nowadays, the visitor experience doesn't start when someone crosses the threshold into your venue or festival. It usually starts with a visit to your site to grab some information on opening hours, pricing, parking, or food options. By providing all the little bits and pieces of information a visitor needs to plan their visit you're making it more likely they will have a great experience.

Pre-visit info is especially important for people who are organising group visits. It's much easier to get friends on-board when you can easily make transport plans, and have some clear options for getting food and drinks before or after. Families and disabled audiences are groups that particularly appreciate advance information. If people have to email or call to get the information they want - they may just not bother visiting at all.

Adding FAQs to your events listings, visitor information page, or pre-event emails doesn't just help show what you do offer - it can help mitigate potential disappointments. Letting people know that your bar is cash-only, or that parking is limited, helps them to work around these things and avoids any unwelcome surprises.

Download our list of frequently asked questions and see what you can add to your website, online events listings, or pre-event emails.

A checklist of practical information to give to your potential visitors or event attendees.

Thrive Visitor FAQs

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