Create Your Own Audience Development Strategy

The thrive audience development guide is for any organisation or freelancer in arts, culture, or heritage who wants to increase their audiences. This could mean more theatre ticket sales, more people through the door of your gallery, or more festival attendees.

You can create an audience development plan for your organisation as a whole - or you can create specific plans for different programmes or strands of work.

The guide takes you through the six areas you'll need to cover in your plan:

Your Purpose

Ensure that your audience development efforts are getting your where you need to go. Clarify what it is you want to do, and what is outside of your remit.

Data Collection

All the different places where you can get your hands on that all-important audience data. What data sources to start with first, what research is already out there, and how to collect newer data.

Target Audiences and Personas

How to choose which audience or audiences to target. Learn about the audiences that will give you the 'quick wins', and how to identify the audiences that will work best for your own unique aims.

Strategy and Objectives

Tips on setting realistic and measurable goals. How to know whether your audience efforts are paying off, and what results you can reasonably expect.

Audience Development Actions

The fun part... We look at the practical ways you can connect your products, programmes, and activities with your target audiences.

Review Scheduling

How long to plan for, and how often to update and refresh your strategy.

The guide is free for anyone to use. If you'd like some extra support, you can book a free one-to-one Audience Appointment where you can run ideas by us. We also offer a 'From Purpose to Plan' service starting at £250 + VAT where we'll work with you to create an expertly-designed bespoke strategy for your organisation.

Our definitive guide to audience development for arts, culture, and heritage. Use this guide to develop your own unique audience development strategy.

Thrive Audience Development Guide

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