Let's talk Loyalty Toolkit

The arts sector has a loyalty problem.

Retention is a hot topic in all manner of sectors but in the arts sector, it’s a big issue. Only 30% of household bookers returned from the previous year in the financial year of 2019/20. Retaining audiences rather than constantly working to attract new ones, makes sense both for staff capacity and financial reasons. Rather than feel defeated by this, consider how big an opportunity this can be for your organisation! If you put together a solid loyalty strategy and have a plan for how to approach these members of your audiences, you will start making strides in the right direction.

In this toolkit, we’ll look at how to evaluate loyalty, gather data on your audience’s loyalty and rate your own loyalty score.

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This content is supported by our annual funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

With this toolkit, review your loyalty game and identify areas to work on next.

Lets Talk Loyalty toolkit

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