Welcoming Disabled Audiences

Although no-one is intentionally excluding d/Deaf and Disabled Audiences, our work for Belfast City Council around Access found that 13% fewer Disabled People are attending events than the total Belfast population.

We know from the development of Belfast City Council’s Cultural Strategy that Disabled People want to engage. We also know that Access issues prevent them from engaging as much as they would like.

Clearly, we've still got work to do to improve the way we treat them. And that doesn't necessarily involve spending a lot of money to alter your physical building. There are other simple, cheap and DIY ways to improve your accessibility for the better and we've listed tips and tricks in this toolkit.

Download our guide to Welcoming Disabled Audiences, and if you'd like some one-on-one support with improving your overall accessibility, book in for a free Audience Appointment.

This toolkit will help you to make small and easy changes to your venue and online presence to welcome disabled audiences.

Thrive Welcoming Disabled Audiences

Download toolkit
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