After the Interval - Act 2 Insights

Thrive, in partnership with Katy Raines at Indigo Ltd, have been running the NI and ROI version of the ‘After the Interval’ audience survey. A wide range of cultural charities and non-charities have been asking their audiences how they felt about returning to arts events, booking tickets now and in the future and missing out on live events during lockdown. The second phase of surveying, which we are calling Act 2, includes sections on the impact of social distancing measures, engaging with (and paying for) culture digitally and attending outdoor events.

Act 2 ran between 15th June and 26th July and collected over 4,800 responses. The data covers 21 cultural organisations including 14 from Northern Ireland and 7 from the Republic of Ireland. While Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are different areas with different lockdown processes and policies, there is not a significant difference between the two datasets.

We've put together all our findings into 2 documents that you can download below:

Download 'At a Glance' report

Download full report for Act 2

Full report of findings from Act 2 of the 'After the Interval' survey in NI and ROI

After The Interval Act 2 Full Report

Download report
(PDF 2,157KB)

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