BLOG 25th June 2020

After the Interval - Act 2 results


Thrive partenered with Katy Raines at Indigo Ltd to create 'After the interval' Act 2, an online survey which includes many of the same questions as the original Act 1 with some slightly refined, and new sections on the impact of social distancing measures, engaging with (and paying for) culture digitally and attending outdoor events.


We launched 'After the Interval' Act 2 on 15th June 2020. The results have been broken down by week to allow us to compare the change in audience sentiment week by week.

Find out more about how the survey works

List of participating organisations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Results Week 1 (15 June - 22 June)

Cultural organisations (NI and ROI)

Results Week 2 (22 June - 29 June)

Cultural organisations (NI and ROI)

Maurane Ramon

Head of Client Development

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