The Audience Panel - Accessibility persona

After a year sending monthly polls to our Audience Panel, we have learned so much about them: how they engage with arts and culture, as well as their behaviours, motivations and attitudes towards arts and culture.

To wrap it up, we have created four Audience Personas based on the insights we found and the people we met during our focus groups. Each persona was crafted using a mix of real quotes, personal anecdotes and trends we’ve seen in our monthly polls’ responses. You may recognise some of them from your own audiences! And that is our goal – for you to use these personas to plan your next steps.

Our first audience persona is Jan. She's 46 and is our disabled audience member. Get to know Jan by downloading her persona.

Want to know more about our Audience Panel?

In 2021-22, we are changing the audience conversation on to the really good stuff that organisations need to hear from their public.

We’ve moved on from long, multiple-pages surveys (for now!) and thought it would be magical to talk with audiences. Yes, actually talk. Directly. With them. Like you would do in the good auld days in your theatre lobby.

We have partnered with Belfast City Council to run a year-long Audience Panel. Participating Belfast organisations helped us to recruit members of their audiences to take part. From now until December 2021, we’ll send these 833 audience members monthly short surveys and invite them to regular focus groups.

The topics of these conversations will be focused on the various elements of relationship building, to understand what makes audiences click and stick.

Although our panel has been recruited from Belfast organisations, their audiences could be from anywhere and overlap with yours. The insights we’ll gather will be as relevant to you as they will be to them.

The 2021-22 Audience Panel is supported by Belfast City Council.

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