Culture Beyond Covid for Heritage - Insights

In the latest half of 2020, we created and conducted the Culture Beyond Covid audience research in the shape of a free survey for organisations to get insight directly from their audiences and see what the bigger trends are across NI. Having some concrete information from audiences is the best place to start when trying to plan when the future remains uncertain.

The last instalment of Culture Beyond Covid was for museums, built and natural heritage organisations. It ran between 16th November and 31st December 2020. This version of the survey was for these organisations to discover:

  • How they fit within their visitors’ lives before and during Covid;
  • How visitors felt about coming back; and
  • What part online will play in visitors’ heritage experiences in the future.

You can now download the main findings in the links below:

Download 'At A Glance' report

Download our webinar presentation

Culture Beyond Covid for Heritage is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.


Find out how NI heritage visitors have engaged with heritage organisations and sites since Covid and how you can use these insights to plan for the future.

Thrive Cbc Heritage Full Final

Download report
(PDF 838KB)

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